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3rd Symposium on History of Iran Sports & Olympics,

 2nd November 2009 

Olympic Museum of Iran 


Title: Pathology of Iran Sports History


Scientific Board Members of the 3rd Symposium on History of Iran Sports & Olympics: (in alphabetical order)

-Dr. Iraj Osia, Head of Iran Veteran Association

-Dr. Hosein Bastani Rad, associate professor, Shahid Beheshti University Scientific Board Member

-Dr. Naser Takmil Homayoun, university professor-Scientific Board Member of the Research Institute for Humanities and Cultural studies

-Dr. Mehrzad Hamidi, associate professor of Tehran university-Physical Education Faculty Board Member, President of National Olympic & Paralympic Committee

-Dr. Seyed Nasrollah Sajadi, associate professor of Tehran university-Physical Education Faculty Board Member

-Dr. Haideh Sairafi, university professor- Director of Studies Center & Museum of National Olympic and Paralympic, Member of International Society of Olympic Historians

-Esmaeil Kadkhodazadeh, Researcher & Permanent Member of International Society of Olympic Historians

-Dr. Abbas Ali Gaeini, associate professor of Tehran university-Physical Education Faculty Board Member


Executive personnel of 3rd Symposium on History of Iran Sports & Olympics:


-Chairman, Dr. Mehrzad Hamidi

-Secretary: Dr. Haideh Sairafi

-Executive director and Secretariat: Samira Tabaraki fard

-International affairs: Maryam Jafari

-Public Relations: Azadeh Najafi, Mohammad Reza Riahi, Omid Komasi, Rahmani

The most remarkable objectives of the symposium are as follows:


-Further recognition of sports historical roots

-Promoting the knowledge of sports history

-Scientific promotion of sports history in the country

-Providing appropriate platforms for presenting scientific views

-Exchanging views among local and foreign researchers and experts in this area

-Presenting the latest research achievements on Iran sports history

-Exchanging scientific-research findings between university groups and country's sports experts

This gathering is an introduction and an outset to deal with these questions: What are the problems and shortcomings? How could we remove them? How could the problems be homogenized? What kind of quality should it have? What direction should it go? Under what quality should it move?

In view of the above, and in line with formation of academy studies center as well as design and planning for strategic studies of this center, the following should be taken into account:

1-Evaluation of cultural performance in the past in sport as to identify the strength and weak points

2-Evaluation of present condition

3-Futurology and anticipating cultural future for a better recognition of situation

Organization of this symposium is not only an opportunity to study the present status of Iran sports history within past recent years, but above that is a kind of critic to the present condition and creating motivation and required sensibility for the researchers..

Identifying the historians and distinguished sports fans and inviting them results in exchanging views on present qualitative and quantitative status of sports history.

These symposiums are devoted to Iran sports history within the context of culture which is the first step and call for experts and interested individuals in variety of sports history areas from different aspects namely history, culture, archeology, sociology, anthropology, ethnography as well as literature and art and………..

A Review of two previous symposiums

The 1st International Symposium on History of Iran Sports

This symposium was held on the following topics:

-Sport in ancient Iran

-Sport from advent of Islam until Safavieh

-Sport from Safavieh until today

The most remarkable objectives of the symposium are as follows:

-Further recognition of sports historical roots

-Promoting the knowledge of sports history

-Providing appropriate platforms for presenting scientific views

First Session

Board of directors of the first session


Dr. Mahmoud Brojerdi, Seyed Amir Hosseini, Seyed Reza Sakkaki, Mohammad Reza Riazi, Dr. Haideh Sairafi

Speeches' Topics

1-Dr. Javad Karimi, Kermanshah university faculty board member- "The role and importance of sport in ancient Iran"

2-Dr. Zohreh Zarshenas, Research professor, Faculty board member of the institute for humanities and cultural studies – " Rostam, the hero, in Saad"

3-Mr. Soleiman Abdulvakhidev, Tajikistan Sports Minister- "Cultural & Sports commonalities of Iranian and Tajiks"

4-Dr. Sirous Jasvid, Researcher and Historian from Germany- "The origins of the Olympic Games shall be sought in Iran"

5-Dr. Rahim Ramazani Nejad, University professor, Gilan university physical education faculty board member

6-Mr. Barat Mohammadi, Literature Master Student of Uremia university- "Popularity of Iranian in polo"

7-Mr. Karam Mirzaei, museum curator, Iran Bastan Museum- Sports pictograms in Arjam Cup"



Second Session

Board of directors of the second session


Dr. Naser Takmil Homayoun, Dr. Seyed Nasrollah Sajadi, Mr. Ataullah Behmanesh, Dr. Mahmoud Sheikh, Dr. Ali Akbar Moheb

Speeches' Topics

1-Dr. Hassan Khalaji, university professor-Arak university scientific board member, "Effect of faith and spirituality on sports performance in Islam"

2-Dr. Anita Goush, university professor from India, physical education researcher, IZSF advisor, Asian Sports for all Federation Board Member, " Sport in Islamic era from Indian aspect"

3- Mr. Seyed Amir Hoseini, President of the National Olympic & Paralympic Committee-"Reviving and developing ancient sport in local and foreign realms"

4-Mr. Mohammad Anwar Khan Jekdalek, Sports advisor and Afghanistan NOC President "Connections of sports-cultural roots of Iran and Afghanistan"

5-Dr. Seyed Nasrollah Sajadi, university professor- Tehran university faculty board member-" What are the problems threatening the Olympic Movement"

6-Mr. Younes Keramati, Islamic Encyclopedia Research Center, "Views of Iranian Moslem doctors on the role of sport in physical and mental health"

7-Mr. Esmaeil Kadkhodazadeh, (Researcher, permanent member of international Society of Olympic historian) "Presence of Iran in international sports scenes"

8-Ms. Masoumeh Tehranchi, (Researcher) "History of Women sports in Iran"

9-Dr. Abolfazl Farahani (university professor, Payame Noor university faculty Board Member) "Studying Ethnic Games in Sistan & Baloochestan)

10-Mr. Hoda Saber, "History of Formation of Sports Clubs in Iran"



2nd Forum of Iran Sports History

"Heroic, sportsmanship and moral values in Iranian-Islamic culture" in commemoration of late Iranian Wrestling Champion, Gholamreza Takhti.

Tuesday 1st January 2008

National Olympic & Paralympic Academy

Titles of Forum:


-Studying various personality traits including religious, moral and………..of the great Iranian wrestling legend, Gholamreza Takhti

-Studying various heroic, sportsmanship and chivalry rites and rituals based on Iranian literary, historical, religious stories and narrations ……..

-Studying, rites and rituals, dissertations and chivalry letters

-Heroic literature

-Heroism and chivalry in Shahnameh, epic-oriented works

-Heroes, sportsmen, Zurkhaneh sports athletes and…………..

-Heroic pictograms in works and objects of cultural heritage and Iranian civilization

-Status and role of moral rituals, and heroic values in sport and sports ethic code of present era

-Pathology of children's alienation with heroic history and heroes of Iran



1st International Symposium on History of Iran Sports:

20th November 2006

National Olympic & Paralympic Academy


In total, the symposium secretariat received 80 papers from which 83 were local and 7 were foreign papers.

It is worth mentioning that the presence of faculty board members, undergraduates and graduates and researchers of sports and non-sports majors for presenting their papers is remarkable taking into account that 97% of the papers received belongs to university professors and researchers.

On the whole, 98% of the presented abstracts were based on research topics of the symposium.

Finally 31 papers were selected including 25 papers for speech presentation out of which 6 papers were from Tajikistan-Afghanistan-India-Germany-England-Seri Lanka and 25 papers for poster presentation.

Titles of Papers received from Federations

-History of Iran amateur box-boxing federation

-History of archery in Iran and Islam literature

-History of baseball, softball, cricket and rugby

-History of badminton

-History of basketball

-History of life-saving

-History of judo and kurash

-History of tennis

-History of kabbadi

-History of hockey

-History of polo

-History of handball

-History of taekwondo

-History of shooting

-History of volley ball

-History of swimming

-History of skiing

-History of sports for special diseases

-History of sports for blinds and partially-blind individuals

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