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Museum reflects variety of cultures of nations, their life styles, beliefs and mentalities from timeimmemorial until today. The national museum of sport, Olympic, Paralympic is a place to introduce and probe into sports history, chivalries, values, victories failures, dreams and stories in the sports realm of country. The main objective of this museum is to safeguard sports heritage of Iran. Providing educational and cultural services and imparting the concepts and teachings like sportsmanship and Olympism, creativity, mobility, and maintaining the motto of spirit in motion are amongst other objective of museum




Vision of the Museum

Introducing the Islamic Republic of Iran national museum of sport, Olympic and Paralympic at national and international levels in an updated attractive form with a value-oriented approach in constant interaction with the society as to raise awareness of Iranian history, identity, pride and zeal in the past and present; also introducing the national, Asian and international; champions to other nations and make effort to attract maximum number of the youth and tourists to this museum




Introducing the museum space and floors

The national museum of sport, Olympic and Paralympic of the Islamic Republic of Iran include three storeys in an area of 2500 square meter. The ground floor covers an area of about 500 square meter including entrance and 2000 square meter in two storeys ( with 1000 square meter in each floor) to showcase the objects of honors and memories and introduce the history of Iran sport in Olympics, Paralympics and many other events.

Introducing the ground floor

The ground floor of museum include reception, safe box and temporary gallery to display artistic and sports works.

The museum first floor (Olympic & Paralympic)

This floor deals with the Olympic and Paralympic history as follows:

-Introducing the ancient and modern Olympics history

-What is the difference between the ancient and modern Olympics?

-Describing the philosophy of the modern Olympics (which is named the Olympic Movement)

-Introducing the Paralympic history and its existing philosophy

-Introducing objectives, ideals, Olympic symbols and ..

-Chronology of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Asian Games and Youth Games

-Introducing the summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and many other sports events………………..




 The second floor (the History of ancient and modern sport of Iran)

-This floor introduces the ancient history of sport in Iran until today:

-What is the history of sport in Iran?

-What is the history of institutionalization of physical education and sport?

-What is the history of chivalry, sportsmanship and champion?

-Introducing national sports (Zurkhaneh, polo, wrestling)

-Veterans and champions' hangouts

-Describing oral history of sport in Iran and media in sport

 Displaying medals, cups and champions' honors and many other items-




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