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Museum Manager

Dr. Seyed Mohsen Mir  


                                              Educational Background                                         
1  Cultural Management & Planning Ph.D.
2 Cultural Management & Planning M.A
3   Accounting B.A.


                                                  Executive Background                                              
 1 Director of National Sport, Olympic, Paralympic Museum
 2 NOC Advisor & Head of Presidential Office
 3 Advisor to the Head of Tehran Municipality Beautification Center; 2018-2019
 4 Advisor & Office Manager of Tehran Mayor; 2018-2019
Instructor of Tehran Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch; 2015-present
 6 Advisor & Office Manager of Iran Minister of Culture
 7   Member of the Board of Directors of the Scientific Association of Cultural Management and Planning of Iran; 2015-present
 8 Advisor to the President of the National Documents and Library Organization of Iran; 2013-2015
 9  Director of Cultural Camps and Training of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation

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