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Synchronized & Traditional Movements



For ancient Iranian, sport was regarded not only for leisure and entertainment purposes but as a kind of tradition and character involved with enhancing humanistic values and growth. 


حرکات موزون و آیینی 1

 -Synchronized movements and ceremonies on potteries of fourth millennium- Mosian Dehloran Hill



Group Games-Synchronized movements for women and men


Traditional and synchronized movements and group games of men and women while doing group ceremonies beautifully could be seen on potteries of fourth and fifth millennium BC. 


حرکات موزون و آیینی 2

Women synchronized movements-pattern on pottery-Kashan Silk Hill-Fourth Millennium BC

Greek historian namely Herodotus, Gezenfon, Strabon, and Ketzyas have mentioned about importance of sport for Iranian in their works as follow:


“The Iranian make great efforts to train shooting, fencing, horse riding and swimming to their children and they have even stated that the Iranian have superiority over the Greek in horse-riding”



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