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Iranian Sports Hall of Fame Inaugurated

Iranian Sports Hall of Fame Inaugurated
Iranian Sports Hall of Fame was inaugurated with the presence of Sports & Youth and Tourism Ministers along with Tehran Mayor and other top-ranking sports officials.

Iran NOC; Tehran: Iran National Olympic Committee hosted guests from various sections of the country in inaugurating the Sports Hall of Fame at National Sport, Olympic & Paralympic Museum.

Appreciating the champions, Olympians, officials and all invitees, Dr. Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri, the NOC President highlighted that the Hall of Fame is the center for not only collecting the memorials and objects but also a place for reconnecting the new generation with their past and their roots who already gave the nation honor and dignity.

“The philosophy behind the Iranian Sports Hall of Fame is to prevent from the cultural rupture which is a concern today and the fact that the new generation must be introduced to and recognize their descents and honors” added President Salehi Amiri. 

“Another key point around the Sports Museum and the Hall of Fame is identification of fundamental bases and stems of the society since the effort is to link the past with the present.” held the NOC President.

Offering gratitude to the media which thoroughly reflect the events; Dr. Salehi Amiri expressed hope that by the next year over 68 busts related to Iranian sports honors, champions and Olympians be made and inaugurated.

It is highlighted that 5 busts of Iranian former Olympians were inaugurated in their presence.

Jun 23, 2020 14:06

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