IFBB President Visits Olympic Museum

IFBB President Visits Olympic Museum
Rafael Santoja, President of International Body-Building Federation was welcomed by Dr. Salehi amiri, the NOC President.

Iran NOC; Tehran: Both parties emphasized on mutual cooperation and collaboration. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Salehi Amiri, while welcoming Rafael Santonja, Spanish President of the IFBB, emphasized that he is a scientist and educated and held: "We need your experience and background in the field of education for the Iranian Federation. Bodybuilding and other related disciplines have a history in Iran and in our society and there are different forms of international standards in the native form and the literature of heroism and the strongest men is within the literature in our country”.

Rafael Santoja, President of International Body-Building Federation held: “Congratulations on the establishment of the National Sports Museum. Value has not only indicated heroic dimensions but also many human dimensions. Since a young and motivated force is present in the presidency of the Iranian Bodybuilding Federation, and since he is also a member of the Asian Executive Board and has your support and sports spirit, I am sure that the best events for this sport will happen in Iran and in the world”.

Apr 28, 2021 12:01

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