Afghan NOC Officials Visit Museum

Afghan NOC Officials Visit Museum
The Sports Minister and President of the National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan together with the accompanying team and the Iranian counterparts visited the National Sports Museum.

Iran NOC; Tehran: The National Museum of Sports became a commonality for the sports officials of Afghanistan and Iran to get acquainted with the halls of Iranian heroes and champions, memorials and treasures of medals and cups won during the years of Iranian sports. Since the history and civilization of Iran and Afghanistan have long been rooted in ancient culture, so the initiatives and achievements of both countries in the field of culture and civilization can be seen abundantly and also the common Persian language of the two countries made the works in the National Olympic Museum accessible to them.

The guests, as they watched the works and memorials, received the necessary information from the museum guide by introducing and recognizing them. At the end of the visit to the Museum, the Chairman, Secretary General and Vice Chairman of the Afghan Sports Committee congratulated Iran on their good deeds in collecting valuable and memorable works and expressed their gratitude for providing an opportunity to see all these works.

Nov 6, 2021 13:21

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