Iranian Sports Museum Recognized “Top” by ICOM

Iranian Sports Museum Recognized “Top” by ICOM
Iran National Sport, Olympic, Paralympic Museum was recognized as the Top Museum among the state-run museums of the country.

Iran NOC; Tehran: Dr. Seyed Mohsen Mir, Museum Director stated: "The National Museum of Sports was introduced as the top museum in the group of medium-sized governmental museums by evaluating and recognizing the Iranian Museums Committee (ICOM) using the existing potential of the sports sector and observing international standards. Although only 2 years have passed since the establishment of the Sports Museum, with the support of the country's educated sports community, champions and friends, we have moved in a direction that while complying with all international standards, this museum has a rich content and planning. We have a lot to develop and complete”. Mir further emphasized on the importance of the National Sports Museum in order to acquaint the young generation of the country with the honors, achievements and philosophy of championship and heroic sports.  It is necessary to explain that the Committee of Museums of Iran (ICOM) has introduced the top museums through 13 indicators simultaneously with the Cultural Heritage Day, and the National Museum of Sports has won the top title in the section of state-run museums.

Nov 6, 2021 14:34

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