Sepideh Golijani Moghadam, the Olympic Museum Director:

“NOC President took an everlasting measure by establishing the Museum”

“NOC President took an everlasting measure by establishing the Museum”
Sepideh Golijani Moghadam, Director of National Sport Olympic Paralympic Museum highlighted that so far 2600 memorabilia have been donated to the Museum.

Iran NOC; Tehran: The Director of the Sports Museum stated: "In the Sports Museum, there is the largest archive of photos related to Mirabolghasem Farsi, which includes photos of five editions of the Olympic Games and two editions of the Asian Games."

On the occasion of the 18th of May, the International Museum Day, regarding the measures taken in this museum, Dr. Sepideh Golijani Moghaddam further added: “114 busts of veterans and famous heroes have been made so far which partly are related to Olympic, Paralympic and Asian Games as well as the busts of Everlasting Sports Figures of football. A number of these busts and sculptures have been unveiled in various ceremonies with the presence of veterans and sports officials of the country”.

Golijani Moghaddam stressed that the main purpose of esablishing this Museum is to preserve and protect the values of athletes and sports heritage and held: “Providing educational and cultural services, promoting the Olympic motto and introducing the ancient history of Iran, presenting the roots of sports to the new generation and sports history of Iran is another goal of the National Sport Museum. There were a large number of valuable medals and cups belonged athletes and veterans at homes, which during the call that was made from 3 years ago until today, led to donation of about 2600 valuable items to the Olympic Museum. Also, by holding events and ceremonies that celebrate the sports honors on a monthly basis; the Sport Museum has become a cultural hub for the veterans”.

Appreciating the efforts of Dr. Salehi Amiri, President of the National Olympic Committee in setting up the National Sport Olympic Paralympic Museum, she highlighted: Formed with the views and support of the President of the National Olympic Committee, in the future, the illustrated history of the country's sports will be left over from his administration”.

May 23, 2022 13:28

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