NOC President & Sports Minister Unveil Boxing Veteran’s Bust

NOC President & Sports Minister Unveil Boxing Veteran’s Bust
In a ceremony to commemorate Masis Hambarsonian, the Iranian Boxing veteran, his bust was unveiled in the presence of NOC President, Dr. Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri and Dr. Hamid Sajadi, Sports & Youth Minister.

Iran NOC; Tehran: Dr. Seyed Hamid Sajjadi, Minister of Sports and Youth, during the ceremony, while appreciating the organizers of the ceremony honoring the veterans of boxing and welcoming the participants, in a short speech praised all the veterans in the field of sports and mentioned them as the country's sports assets. He also expressed his satisfaction with the presence of the country's boxing veterans and said: "The figures present in the intimate boxing gathering that I see have either been in sports or we have felt their presence in competitions. We have always expressed our feelings to these great people and we even encouraged them from all over the ring”.

Dr. Salehi Amiri, President of the National Olympic Committee, who called today's celebration of boxing veterans a historic day for the Boxing Federation and a lasting event for veterans as a great asset of sports, stated: "We must believe that our sports veterans are like the sea. They have love like the sun and humility like the earth and they deserve praise”. He described the action by the Boxing Federation and the National Olympic Committee in honoring the veterans of this sport as having a special message and highlighted: "The celebration of the veterans today reflects an important message to the sports community in all provinces; if the athletes likes Danial Shahbakhsh succeed in creating pride, it is because of the roots of a big tree called Veteran”.

Jun 26, 2022 11:26

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