Taekwondo Asian Games Medalist Donates Medal to Olympic Museum

Taekwondo Asian Games Medalist Donates Medal to Olympic Museum
During an official meeting presented by NOC President, Dr. Salehi Amiri, Vice-President, Mrs. Taherian and Dr. Sepideh Golijani Moghadam, the Director of National Sport Olympic Paralympic Museum, Fariborz Askari, the Iranian former Asian Games Taekwondo Medalist donated his medal to the Museum.

Iran NOC; Tehran: In this meeting, Dr. Salehi Amiri, while appreciating the efforts of Fariborz Askari in the direction of the growth and promotion of taekwondo in the country and other heroes and honorees of this field, named him as one of the teachers with the morals of taekwondo in the country.

NOC President stated: “The National Sports Museum belongs to the great nation of Iran and the country's sports community, and people are proud of their honors when they see the trophies, medals and other donations in this museum”.

Tahereh Taherian,Vice President of the National Olympic Committee, while congratulating the women's national taekwondo team for winning the first title in the Asian Championship, said: “Taekwondo has always been providing honors in the international arena, and its women are pride of our country along with the men's national team”.

At the end, Fariborz Askari, while referring to his records in championship and coaching, presented the gold medal of the Hiroshima 1994  Asian Games to the National Sport Olympic Paralympic Museum. 

Jul 4, 2022 10:28

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