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Horse Riding and Chariot and Charioting


At least from 1500 BC, Iranian pioneered other nations of the world in horse breeding, and organizing horse riding as well as charioting competitions.

And Aryans (the greatest Iranian tribe originated from Indo-European tribes) brought horses and chariots to Iran upon arrival to this land. (Bois, 1996, page 18 and Zarrin Koob, Bois, 1986, page 18 yro 



Aryan chariot rider-early first millennium


Pewter chariots of Lorestan-first millennium BC


Aryan chariot rider-mid third millennium BC-National museum of Iran


chariot riders- Lorestan-early first millennium BC-National museum of Iran


Linear design-early first millennium chariots-Lorestan


Linear design-Hasanlou chariot rider-1200 BC  


Horse Riding


 سوارکاری8  سوارکاری9  سوارکاری10



Mazandaran Horses




Mazandaran horses- Achaemenian era


Symbolic horses of Marlik cup-Gilan with ancient civilization related to 3000 BC

سوارکاری14  سوارکاری15

Marlic Symbolic Horses; Guilan; with ancient civilization related to 3000 B.C


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