Javelin Throw


As in archery, Javelin Throw has also a long-standing history. Javelin used to be made in two forms of long and short. The short javelins were used for throwing and the long ones were used to drop horse riders. With Iron and pewter handles becoming popular in second millennium BC, metal handles were gradually substituted the wooden ones. 

In Dameghan excavations two short pewter javelins beautifully made were found.


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Pewter Javelin-Tapeh Hesar in Dameghan-1200-1500 BC


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Iranian spearman from Mana tribe-700 BC


By the beginning of Achaemenian era (550 BC), using long javelins received greater attention

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Spearman of an Iranian tribe

Persepolis carving – 500BC

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Achaemenian Soldier and spearman


The inscription of Darius in Naqsh Rostam reads: “I am strong with either both hands or both legs; while horse-riding, I am a good rider, while pulling my arrow either on foot or on horse, I am a good archer, while throwing javelin, I do well either on foot or on horse”


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