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History of Ancient Olympic Games


The ancient Olympic Games is a heritage of human civilization during Greek golden era BC and its organization time dates back to 776 BC. These games used to be held regularly every four years for a period of 1200 years in a place called Olympia. The aim of organizing this event was to pay tribute to Zeus (the God of Greek Gods) which used to be held in a place called Olympia where Zeus courtyard was located.

These games were boycotted in 392 AD when Greek was under Roman domination by then emperor


"Teodoros" which coincided with 293rd edition of the games.


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Sports events of Ancient Olympic Games



The ancient Olympic Games was composed of five following sports:



1- Boxing

2- Four-horse charioting

3- Pantathlon including Run for 200 meter, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, Discus Throw and wrestling,

4- Running with fighting outfit including shield and other fighting tools

5- Patkerantom (combination of boxing and wrestling)




المپیک باستان




In Greek myths, Zeus is the God of Gods and ruler of all shrines located in Olympia Mountain. Zeus is the God of brilliant sky and God of storm.

Thunderbolt was his weapon and whoever made him unhappy, he would throw it to him.

Among other noticeable signs of Zeus are imperial stick, eagle and shield.

This God in Greek is Zeuc and in English is Zeus.





               Olympia Plain


The Olympic historian believe that then rulers organized the games in Olympia-400 kilometers far from Athens- so as to be safe from fury and anger of Zeus and other Gods and please them

based on Greek myths, Zeus and Chronos-God of Time)-two ancient Greek Gods-began fighting with each other for ruling the Olympia which ultimately led to Zeus victory. Based on this story, the organization of the Olympic Games was in memory of the said victory.


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