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Modern Olympics

Pierre de Coubertin

Born on 1st January 1863 in Paris and passed away on 2nd september1937 in Geneva, Switzerland, Pierre de Coubertin was a historian, teacher, ad founder of the Modern Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games was revived in the year 1894 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin from France. Coubertin and his friends established the International Olympic Committee on 23rd June 1984 in Sorbonne university of Paris. Their aim was to end a partial of social crises of those days through the Olympic Games.

Coubertin tried to materialize his educational objectives through reviving the Olympic Games. He considered sport as a school of democracy and supporting sport and its international recognition as the

most important duty of the Olympic Movement.


باستان نوین


Coubertin Thoughts

"Victory is not the only aim of life; making effort is the main principle"

The aim of organizing the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games

"This ceremony is in recognition of the new generation, as the future of human being depends on the youth"

The Olympic Games is the symbol of this truth: "Courage and energy of youth coupled with hope for victory can bring a bright future" Coubertin 

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