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National Paralympic Committee Objectives


This committee has the following objectives according to its statute:


1-The National Paralympic committee has been formed in order to establish appropriate grounds and make necessary coordination for participation of active champions and disabled athletes in the Paralympic competitions as well as other regional, international and continental events in compliance with IPC rules and regulations.

2-Making efforts to develop sport among individuals with severe disability.

3-Making efforts to develop sport among disabled women

4-Persuading and assisting with revival of the research programs towards materializing the NOC objectives

5-Providing appropriate platforms for implementing educational activities as to

Develop disabled athletes

6-Making efforts to make connection between disabled athletes and world sports movements for healthy individuals while observing disabled sports identity

7-Making efforts to establish national sports centers throughout the country

8-Further participation of champions’ n the Paralympic Games particularly women disabled

9-Making efforts for materialization of objectives and principles.

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