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Paralympic Movement and International Paralympic Committee 

 IPC = International Paralympic committe



The effect of sport in disabled health has fully been recognized in 18 and 19 centuries. Following the 1st world war, physiotherapy and sport therapy received the same importance as orthoepy and surgery.

Sports therapy was the 1st step to initiate disabled sports which was then ended with sports competitions. After the 2nd world war, sports for disabled individuals came into being owing to great number of war disabled.

On 28th July and concurrent with the opening ceremony of 1948 London Olympic Games, sports with wheelchair began.

 The Olympic movement goes back to 1948 when Lodvic Gotmen organized the world disabled competitions under the title of Stock Mandeville with participation of spinal cord amputees of Second World War.

In 1928, the International Coordination Committee for disabled sports was inaugurated.

In the years which followed, member countries asked for further presence and having representatives in other organizations which led to establishing a public institute entitled IPC in the year 1989 which is the only multi-sports body for disabled sports until today.

IPC is a non-for-profit sports body with 160 national Paralympic committees and five IFs devoted to disabled sports as follows:

-International Wheelchair Tennis Association-IWTA

-International Wheelchair Basketball Federation- IWBF

-Cerebral Palsy International Sport & Recreation Association- CPISRA

-International Sports Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities-INAS-FID

-World Organization Volleyball for Disabled-WOVD

-International Federation for wheelchair sports and amputees

-International Blind Sports Association- IBSA

International Paralympic Committee organizes Paralympic as well as other disabled sports events at national and international levels. The disabled competitions are held worldwide at following five levels:

1-International tournaments

2-Regional competitions

3-World championships (biennial)

4-Paralympic Games (quadrennial)

5-Club competitions

The international headquarters for disabled sports located in Bonn, Germany was officially opened on 3rd September 1999. 


جنبش پارالمپیک و کمیته بین المللی پارالمپیک

Flip Keryon

, the President of International Paralympic Committee


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