/ Unveiling Takhti's Travelogue on the occassion of his birthd

National Sport, Olympic, Paralympic Museum unveils:


 Gholamreza Takhti’s Travelogue (from his personal diary)


On the occasion of his birthday

August 28th, 1930

August 26th, 2020



Gholamreza Takhti made not only the history but was a historian


The National Sport, Olympic, Paralympic Museum, in commemoration of heroic values and in honor of the World Champion, GholamrezaTakhti at the age of ninety (if he lived), unveils an excerpt from his travelogue in 1955 which is entitled: "expenses for the leisure trip" and is included in his scripts (according to the documents available at Museum Treasury).








Expenses of the leisure trip




  •           I stopped for a few days in Abadan: 5500 Rials
  •           From Khoramshahr to Basra: 120 Rials
  •          Overnight stay with food, etc.: 50 Rials
  •          Train ticket from Basra to Karbala: 150 Rials
  •          One night in Najaf and two nights in Karbala along with food, home rental and car: 480 Rials
  •          From Karbala to Kazemein by train: 15 Rials 




 Belongs to Takhti’s personal album

  • 8 days in Kazemein along with bed and totally? (this part is unreadable, “meantime” must be meant): 1000 Rials
  • From Baghdad to Syria by Lanous Bus (unreadable): 3 Iraqi Dinars
  • 7 days accommodation in Syria: 35 Iraqi Dinars
  • From Syria to Beirut by car: 100 Rials
  • 8 nights in Beirut along with bed: 2 Lebanese pounds and daily 120 Rials
  • From Beirut with 1st Class Greek Vessel:  574 Lebanese pounds
  • 2nd Class: 428 Lebanese pounds
  • 3rd Class:241 Lebanese pounds
  • 4th Class: 154 Lebanese pounds
  • Each Lebanese pound equals to 47 Rials
  •     One-night hotel stay in Geneva: 70 Rials
  • Spending 24 hours in this port: 140 Rials
  •      Train ticket to Rome: 2900 Italian Lire equal to 5/41 Rials
  • Boarding house for 15 days: 22500 Lire equal to 3150 Rials
  • These expenses were calculated without souvenirs
  • Written in 05/22/1955 at POPOLO Sq.


         by Takhti



Duration of the leisure trip

 (from personal diary)


On the 23rd of March 1955, we arrived in Khorramshahr from Tehran by a second-class train 24 hours later. four days stay in Karbala; after that through Basra I made it to Karbala by train. I stayed 2 nights in Karbala and one night in Najaf. We arrived by 3rd and 4th (March) in Kazemein and stayed for one night in Basra.   

 So far, I've been with the famous hero, Givehchi.





belongs to personal album

Nasser Givehchi, Gholamreza Takhti and Mehdi Yaghoubi in Najaf

(paying tribute to Imam Ali’ Shrine)




By 8th of April Mr. Givehchi moved to Tehran and a day later I moved to Syria; I stayed up to 8 days in Syria and then moved to Beirut.

I stayed 8 days in Beirut and then moved to Italy by the Greek Vessel.

We spent 7 days on the sea and on the way we visited Port Said and Alexandria and Athens.

On 03/05/1955 we entered Geneva Port in Northern Italy, I walked around for 24 hours and turned to move to Rome by electric train. It traveled 700 km in 8 hours.

By 4th of May I arrived in Rome, left my luggage and searched for hotels.

I write these few lines in this big villa across from POPOLO Sq.   














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