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 International Olympic Committee (IOC)


The International Olympic Committee is the heart of the Olympic Movement and is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. This committee is responsible to resolve any problems, make vital decisions and make planning for the Olympic Games.


IOC Duties


-Help organize the sports competitions and develop sport in conformity with Olympic ideals

-Regularly organize the Olympic Games

-Improve the value of the games

-Manage and organize the Olympic Games

-Appointing the host city

-Olympic villages

-Technical rules

-Olympic program and qualifying competitions


-Medal awarding ceremony and winners list

-Opening and closing ceremonies


 Other Duties and Departments of the IOC


-Organizing the IOC Congress and Session

-Recognizing the IFs

-Establishing NOCs as to develop the Olympic Movement worldwide and implementing IOC rules

-Organizing the Olympic Games in coordination with the relevant Organizing Committee

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