National Sport, Olympic and Paralympic Museum

The museum is a mirror of different cultures and a display of the cultural heritage of nations in expressing what, why and how to live, the thought and belief of nations from the past up to the present.

National Sport, Olympic and Paralympic Museum is a place to introduce and reflect on the history of sports, heroes, values, victories, defeats, dreams and narratives in the area of sports in the country. The major objective of the museum is to protect and preserve the heritage of Iranian sports; and providing educational and cultural services, transferring concepts and doctrines such as chivalry, Olympism, dynamism, creativity and the continuation of the Paralympic slogan (soul in motion) are of the other objectives of this museum.

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Single Works

Weight Lifting World Gold Medal
won by Mr. Behdad Salimi, 2011
Lorestan Bronze Axe
The First Millennium, Sybol of Vigor
Arjan Jeroboam
Dated 800 to 900 B.C curved with sports images
Ancient Wrestling Pants
Worn by the deceased Mr. Gholamreza Takhti
Pierre de Coubertin Bust
Novel Olympic Game founder

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