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History of Sport in Iran as old as millenniums

Iran is amongst countries and ancient civilizations whose history of sport and games goes back to as old

as millenniums.


 Javelin Throw


Charioting & Horse Riding



 pic8 Acrobat & Gymnastics  pic10 Intellectual Games  pic9 Archery



 حرکات موزون و آیینی 1

Synchronized & Traditional Movements





 وزنه برداری1




The proof of this claim is an illustrated dictionary named “Illustrated Dictionary of Sports Pictograms of Iran” which was compiled, written, and published in the year 2007 by the history and sports group of the museum center of the national Olympic committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran.



This book introduces the illustrated documents of sports used to be prevalent in Iran and deals with 16 sports from their very early history until 20th century.

Historical documents reveal that some sports have ancient history in Iran about which we will probably deal with through documents and papers:

 Synchronized & Traditional


  Archery  Javelin Throw   Fencing

 Charioting & Horse Riding


 Swimming  Boxing  Wrestling

 Acrobat & Gymnastics


  Weightlifting  Intellectual Games



Illustrated Dictionary of Sports Pictograms of Iran

Mohammad Reza Riazi, Dr. Seyed Amir Hoseini, Dr. Hayedeh Seirafi

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